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Located in the heart of the Middle East, Israel is the origin of Krav Maga, a unique Israeli self defense system. It consists of basic and advanced training for civilians and has a special curriculum with qualification for professionals’ operators, such as Policemen (Law enforcement), Governmental and Private Protectors (V.I.P protection), Soldiers (Military) and Special forces operators including Counter Terror


Civilians: The journey as a civilian at Krav Maga training begins with regular KM Training Sessions as a Student.

KM is a modern and logical system that teaches practical self-defense skills for civilians whilst improving fitness and increasing self-confidence. Krav Maga’s guiding principles are simplicity, using natural reactions and efficiency. KM is suitable for all people, regardless of age, gender and strength and teaches its trainees to overcome stressful and unpredictable situations including violent conflicts. In Israel, Impact students and instructors are incorporating in their training techniques of fighting and self defense such as: defending yourself from attacks by unarmed assailant, releasing yourself from various situations such as chocking and holds while standing or pinned to the ground, attacking techniques (for stopping an attacker), self-defense against armed assailant with blunt/sharp edge weapons or being threatened with guns, etc. The civilian curriculum includes division to ages: Kids (ages 5 to 7), Young (ages 7 to 10), Junior (ages 10 to 13) and Teens (ages 13 to 16). Each age group is divided into 5 professional levels. Adult’s curriculum is divided into 3 levels: Practitioners, Graduate and expert, each divided to levels 1 to 5.  

Krav Maga study Israel

Training in Israel with impact includes a unique approach and training program which emphasizing:

  1. Awareness of dangerous situations practiced in realistic scenarios.
  2. Quick response, tactical and technical training on how to prevent, de-escalate and get away from potentially violent events.
  3. Fighting and self-defense skills with the mental strength needed to perform under stress.
  4. Ability to protect others: family, friend and by-passers – for Mutual responsibility and strengthening our society.

Joining our training includes regular sessions at our gyms in Tel Aviv, Kfar Saba, Be’er Sheba and Haifa. You can also join our training camps in Israel which we run regularly indoor at our gyms or at exiting outdoor location in Israel such as Golan Heights, Jerusalem (old city), Masada and the dead sea.


Impact Krav Maga is offering you intensive training with our top-level certified Krav Maga instructors who successfully graduated our instructor course specially designed by our Head Instructor, Master Ze’ev Cohen, the closest disciple of Master Eyal Yanilov.            


 Learning Krav Maga has become to some people a “life journey”. Impact has the knowledge and the experience to offer our trainees all the “miles stones” in this journey:

General Instructors Course (G.I.C) – this 24-day course focus on two topics

  1. High proficiency at Krav Maga skills, understanding the principles of the system, why the techniques are considered to be the most efficient in the domain of self defense.
  2. Teaching Skills – this course has a modern and a state-of-the-art approach, based on scientific knowledge regarding how to teach and transfer knowledge to other people.
  • Entering the G.I.C require a minimum P3 level at KM or extensive experience at other martial art and a recommendation of Qualify KM instructor.

Kids Instructors course (K.I.C) – This 5-day course is design for qualified instructors and KM trainees that have an extensive background of working with kids and teens. The participants will learn special warm-up and teaching methodology intended for kids and teens, communication skills with the kids and their parents and technical abilities for defending themselves from realistic day by day events, including violent threats and attacks. Teaching kids with our curriculum and approach will enhance characteristics such as Self confidante, inner strength, self-esteem, being focus and composure for preventing and de-escalating potential danger, and of course with physical and mental skills to defend against an aggressor.      


Women Instructors Course (W.I.C) – A 5 days course with qualification for KM instructors on how to approach and teach self defense to women. Impact instructors’ team was trained at the “Israeli Center for victims of Assaults” with special approach and tactic dealing with building up confidence and physical skills specific for women. The outcome is a practical training program designated for boosting qualities such as self-confidence, inner strength, self-esteem, being focus and composure for preventing and de-escalating potential danger, and of course with physical and mental skills to defend against an aggressor.   


Qualifying for Expert Level – Our head instructor, Zeev Cohen is one of the few people in the world holding a Master 2 level granted by Master Eyal Yanilov, founder of KMG (Krav Maga Global) and the closet disciple of KM founder Imi Lichtenfeld. Master Zeev has extensive experience at training, preparing and qualifying KM high levels trainees and instructors to an Expert exam (which are divided into 5 levels). KM experts need to dominate skills from various sections in KM such as Control and restraint (Law Enforcement), Third Party Protection (civilian and governmental) and Military and Counter Terror. Master Ze’ev has provided training over the years for dozens of Israelis and hundreds of people from all over the world, including Krav Maga beginners and experts.           



Qualification with the different special sections of the system:


Law enforcement – this section in KM consists of techniques, tactics and special training developed for policemen, detectives and other operators in governmental law enforcement units. The training programs (can be taught as basic or advance training) includes subjects such as: basic self defense skills, control and restraint (how to implement using force without harming a suspect), operating tools (pepper spray and teaser), handcuffing, weapon retention, teamwork with an “arrest protocol” and more.      


Third Party Protection (V.I.P protection) – this section is divided into civilian and governmental sectors. Civilians are learning basic tactics and techniques regarding intervening in events, de-escalating and physically protecting your family, friends and the public including scenario training for realistic events.

Government units and private security companies are being trained at KM skills integrated with firearm operation, combat driving skills, teamwork with security operational protocol and more.  


Military and Counter Terror – KM was created originally at the I.D.F (Israeli Defense Force) as a form of unarmed fighting system. Today, it’s being taught in many of the western army’s units. Professional courses are available only to the friendly to Israel countries and not open for civilians training.    


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